Two ways to screen your Android phone to your computer

There are two ways for Android phones to project the screen to the computer screen, some computer Settings can open the function of screen projection, take Win10 as an example, open the option of “Settings” – “system” – “project to this computer”, and select “wireless display” on the mobile phone; Or just use the AirDroid Cast software and connect the phone to the computer normally.

Method 1:

1, some computer Settings can open the screen projection function, take Win10 as an example;

2, open [Settings] – [System] – [Project to this computer] option;

3, then select “All locations are available”, and at the bottom of the select “Rename your computer” remember the name of the computer;

4, then ensure that both devices are connected in the same WiFi environment, and then select “more connection method” – “wireless display” on the phone.

Method 2:

1, you can also use the AirDroid Cast software, first of all, you need to download the AirDroid Cast APP on both the computer and the mobile phone;

  1. After the computer is opened, there will be a two-dimensional code, which can be connected by scanning the code after opening the software on the mobile phone; This way can be in the LAN, or remote can cast screen oh