Understanding Windows 10 Wireless Projection

    Windows 10 provides a seamless wireless projection experience. As you are building your part of the wireless display solution it is important to understand what that functionality includes.


The Windows 10 Wireless Projection User Interface

First and foremost, Windows provides a native connection experience that allows a user to connect to a wireless receiver. A connection to a wireless receiver can be made in several ways:

1.Through the Action Center. In the Action Center (Figure 1), click the Connect Quick Action.

2.Using a hotkey. Select the Windows logo key+ K (Figure 2).

3.With the Device Picker UI. Windows Apps that support casting contain a device picker UI, such as the Cast to device feature in the Windows Movie & TV App (Figure 3) or the Edge browser.

    Windows 10 supports and manages two different methods for creating a wireless projection stream. Both methods are handled behind the scenes by Windows and leverage the exact same UI shown above.