Various methods of mobile phone projection and mobile phone wireless projection are summarized.

now, with the advantages of rich content and strong convenience, mobile phones gradually replace TV and become the preferred tool for more users to watch movies. However, due to the limited screen size of mobile phones, the viewing experience is obviously not perfect, and the projection technology came into being.

screen projection is a streaming media transmission technology, which transmits data between devices and projects the wonderful pictures on mobile phones onto large screen devices such as televisions. At present, what kinds of screen projection methods are there?


at present, the ways to realize screen projection are wired screen projection and wireless screen projection. Under the two screen projection modes, there are the same screen mode and split screen mode.

I. compared with wired projection, wireless projection is more flexible and convenient without being limited by cables. There are also more implementation methods, including the mobile phone’s own screen projection function, third-party screen projection software, video app screen projection function and wireless screen projector.


realize wireless screen projection. Mobile phones and large screen devices need to be connected to the same LAN, such as the same WiFi, in order to realize signal connection and data transmission.

1. The same screen mode


mobile phones have their own screen projection function


. Now many mobile phones have their own wireless screen projection function. The path of screen projection function of mobile phones of different brands is different, such as Huawei: pull-down menu switch multi screen interaction. After the wireless projection function is turned on, the name of the TV will appear on the page. After the connection is successful, the mobile phone picture and TV picture can be displayed synchronously.

the settings of other Android phones are also similar. Corresponding options can be found in the settings. For example, Xiaomi is: settings – more connection methods – wireless display. The setting of Apple mobile phone is simpler. Open Apple control center in any interface and click air play.

2. Screen projection software

install the same third-party screen projection software on mobile phones and smart TVs respectively, and then open the screen projection software for mobile phones. The system will automatically search for devices under the same LAN. After successful connection, it can start playing on the same screen.

2. Split screen mode

video app projection function

at present, the apps with projection function are mainly iqiyi, Youku and Tencent videos. Open the video app and select any movie to start playing, click the floating window icon of “TV” at the top of the interface and select the corresponding display device to realize split screen display. The reason why the wireless spekds projector and the wireless spekds projector are not so powerful as the WiFi projector and the wireless spekds projector.


turn on the WiFi function of the mobile phone, search and connect the wireless projector, and then connect the mobile phone to the WiFi consistent with the wireless projector through the mobile phone browser to ensure that the mobile phone and TV are under the same LAN. When the mobile phone is connected to the wireless screen projector, it can directly wirelessly project the screen to the large screen.

and the wireless projector is equipped with 4K HD cable and supports 2.4G and 5g dual frequency signals. It has better effect and more stable HD picture than other wireless projection methods.

IV. cable projection

as the name suggests, cable projection is to connect mobile phone and TV through cable, and the most commonly used is HDMI cable. To realize wired screen projection, the mobile phone needs an interface to HDMI conversion device. For example, Huawei P30 is a type-C interface, so it needs a type-C to HDMI conversion device. The TV needs to support HDMI interface without network.

1. In the same screen mode


, the mobile phone is connected with the TV through the type-C to HDMI line / converter. There is no need to install the driver, so it is easy to synchronize the mobile phone with the large screen. Now many HDMI lines are equipped with 4K resolution, stable image quality and high-definition non flashing screen.

2. Split screen mode


if you want the mobile phone and TV to achieve split screen and operate independently without interference with each other, you need to use the type-C docking station. At present, the mainstream mobile phone brands with split screen mode are Huawei and Samsung.