Video conferencing the use of teleconferencing pain points

Do you have a problem with “ten minutes for a meeting and two hours for preparation”? For each video conference, the conference scene needs to be arranged several hours in advance, especially the on-line equipment, which is too much and too complicated. The preparation before the conference is not enough, but also very troublesome during the conference. If the computer is changed midway, it will be a long wait, which greatly reduces the efficiency of the conference.

The use of video conferencing pain points

  1. Software video conferencing is convenient. However, external cameras and microphones are needed to ensure the meeting effect for multi-party meetings, so the meeting environment must be prepared in advance.
  2. The peripherals are connected online so that the meeting personnel cannot move, which is not convenient for the meeting.
  3. The integration between the local meeting screen-projection sharing and remote meeting sharing is insufficient.

BJ66 wireless conference solution launched by BJie Internet is to help you perfectly solve these problems in video conference. The solution mainly uses BJ66 wireless conference terminal +WCB06 wireless conference partner.

Preparations: BJ66 wireless conference terminal, WCB06 wireless conference companion, monitor, USB camera, USB microphone, computer, cable.

BJ66 wireless conference terminal can be connected to USB device microphone, USB camera, through the HDMI cable connected to the display; WCB06 wireless conference partner connected to the computer, there are two buttons, small button can open the microphone, camera; Big button one click screen.

During the video conference, you only need to connect the monitor, USB camera and USB microphone to the BJ66 wireless conference terminal for the first time, and pair the WCB06 wireless conference partner with the BJ66. For subsequent meetings, you only need to plug WCB06 into the computer to use it, and there is no need to set up the conference scene again.

In a video conference or remote conference, all participants in the same conference room do not need to join the meeting. When an employee uses the conference software to join the meeting, he/she can click the big button on WCB06 to share the computer picture to the big screen, and click the small button to open the camera and microphone in the conference room. Local and remote colleagues can view the desktop and conference room scenes. If other employees want to share images, they can plug the WCB06 into their computers and support up to six screens. The remote conference room can also use the above method.