In 2016, Vivitek, a projection brand of delta, took the lead in releasing the first laser engineering projector in China, which attracted the attention of the industry and quickly became an important brand in the industry camp. Vivitek products continue to respond to market demand, through strict requirements for its own quality, and constantly strengthen the upgrading of new technology, rapidly expand more complete product camp, actively layout the laser projector market, focusing on high-end engineering projection market.

With the rapid development of domestic culture and tourism, night tourism, urban lighting and other industries in recent years, the market is more inclined to laser light source when choosing projection products. At the same time, customers also put forward clear requirements for products with higher brightness, higher definition and other specifications. It is also Vivitek’s consistent brand concept to launch stronger and more suitable new products in response to market trends. According to the understanding of projection era, in the new year, Vivitek is about to usher in a wave of new products, including the long-awaited flagship model in the market.

New flagship with higher brightness

Compared with traditional projectors, the application of laser light source in high-end projection is more suitable for large-scale scenes such as theme park, city night tour, stage theater, etc. the visual presentation of digital image technology can greatly enhance the on-site experience of multimedia images. Such scenes usually put forward higher requirements for the light source brightness of projectors.

18000 lumens, Vivitek (Lixun) is currently the highest brightness, but also its own product camp in the big star. After many customer project inspection, has become the representative of the brand, won many awards, established a good market reputation.

It is said that this leader in laser engineering projector products will also make a breakthrough in the New Year! With the flagship model du9800 as the representative, will it usher in a major upgrade, which is expected to promote the Vivitek engineering projection family to a new height? Can we step on a higher level of laser 20000 lumen watershed? Or higher? It will be worth watching.

The engineering product camp makes efforts in the whole line

Since the launch of the first laser engineering projector, Vivitek (Lixun) has continuously improved its corresponding product line. From the entry-level models in the industry to the 4K ultra-high resolution models, Vivitek has launched one after another, penetrating into the subdivided engineering projection market with a more complete product layout. With the launch of high-end flagship models and the consolidation of brand leading position, Vivitek also has new products in the medium and high-end range of more than 10000 lumens.

From the current 8000 lumen model du8090z, 10000 lumen model du8190z, to 13500 lumen model du8195z, and dk8500z / dk10000z with 4K ultra-clear resolution, a variety of products for different markets are the backbone of Vivitek’s engineering machine family. It is said that in the near future, more new models will be added.

Xiaoxiao, executive editor in chief of projection era, believes that the combat effectiveness of such a product portfolio should not be underestimated! It is believed that Vivitek will further explore its brand positioning with the help of its products, so as to bring more choices to users.

Continuous development of teaching models

In the domestic business and education market, the popularity of laser projectors is getting higher and higher, and the corresponding product lines of various projection brands are also updated frequently. Vivitek (Lixun) occupies a place in the business and education market with its excellent cost performance, personalized design and stable performance. In the face of fierce competition, more targeted to launch short focus, ultra short focus and HD, highlight and other products, with a variety of options, play a full range of “combination boxing”. The product itself is also considered from the perspective of business education customers, and many product concepts for the interests of users are put into practice. For example, in the use of dust environment, advanced technologies such as sealed optical machine, sealed color wheel and dust cover are used to create triple dust-proof design, and the pursuit of “extreme color” for better performance of the screen brings better use experience for customers. It can be predicted that in 2021, there will be a stronger new partner of laser light source in the business and education product range, which will make Vivitek in the business and education product field, and it is worth looking forward to.

Vivitek (Lixun) takes the strong manufacturing strength of delta group as the foundation, maintains the attitude of struggle and progress, and writes a story of brand rise in the industry. In the year of 2021, Vivitek will take a number of new products with it to start a new journey!

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