With the advent of the era of big data, the scope of public security business is constantly expanding. In order to meet the needs of the changing situation and the work of the public security team, and better improve the administrative efficiency; Recently, the command center of Jinxiang Public Security Bureau and the conference room display system of voury Zhuohua micro spacing led splicing large screen came into being. The project command center is made of voury Zhuohua p1.8 micro spacing LED display, which is highly praised by all leaders for its seamless splicing, ultra-high contrast, ultra-high refresh rate, rich display color and other debugging effects.

In terms of user experience, the voury Zhuohua p1.8 micro spacing LED display is very outstanding, with stable images, no ripple and no black screen, which can enhance the clarity and contrast of images, make the images delicate and smooth, and make the display effect of the hall more intuitive and clear.

As the presentation carrier of all kinds of information, voury Zhuohua micro spacing LED display is the main display carrier. It provides ultra high definition display control for all kinds of data, monitoring and data analysis, and provides more real-time, intuitive and accurate display for staff.

    The conference room of Jinxiang Public Security Bureau is assembled with the voury Zhuohua P1.2 micro spacing LED display screen. The voury Zhuohua micro spacing large screen system restores the images of the local conference hall and the remote conference hall clearly. Combined with the large screen splicing image processing fusion technology, the conference participants feel as if they are in the same conference room, realizing the remote conference experience with high telepresence and meeting the political needs Enterprise daily meetings, to achieve timely communication, efficient operation.

    With technology as the core, voury Zhuohua LED display and control system has the advantages of high brightness, strong environmental adaptability and intelligent control. It can provide powerful information editing, transmission, release and management services, so as to improve the management level, simplify personnel operation, ensure the smooth progress of courses, training and meetings, and perfectly fit the various uses of Jinxiang public security conference room in the display field Demand.

The completed visualization platform of Jinxiang public security bureau makes full use of advanced information technology, comprehensively reflects the situation of intelligent control and data analysis from multiple angles and forms, achieves the requirements of integration of meeting and training, real-time on-site monitoring and dynamic information display, and provides strong support for management decision-making.

    As an overall solution provider for large screen display and splicing control, voury Zhuohua provides users with an interactive integrated information display management platform with rapid response, perfect function and advanced technology for centralized monitoring, information sharing, command and dispatch, analysis and decision-making, and emergency command, and provides a complete audio and video display and control solution with leading technology for information visualization management in various industries Solution to improve the efficiency of command and dispatch decision-making.

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