Weakness of software video conferencing system

1, security and stability is relatively poor

Software video is based on the Windows operating platform and PC architecture, which is more vulnerable to viruses and hackers, and is not suitable for long-term operation. In particular, the software-based conference room terminal uses a large number of cards and peripheral supporting equipment, low integration, more fault points, and more difficult to troubleshoot.

2, the visual and audio effects are general

The USB camera used in the desktop software terminal can generally only provide video quality below CIF quality, low frame rate and poor color reproduction. Although the conference room software terminal can be configured with a dedicated conference camera, its video delay is relatively large after processing such as video capture and software coding, and the visual and audio signals cannot be synchronized.

  1. The QoS guarantee mechanism is not perfect

Most of the current software video solutions can not provide a perfect QoS guarantee mechanism, when the network transmission conditions are relatively poor, there will be video Mosaic, delay, audio distortion, jitter and other cases.

  1. Poor product compatibility

Due to the general PC architecture, different brands of software video solutions generally use their own unique protocols, there is no agreement on standards, products and other products are poor compatibility, it is difficult to do integration application expansion.