What are the advantages of dual-screen computer monitors

  1. Large screen splicing

(splicing computer graphics, splicing dynamic video) projection wall; Public security, military, railway, transportation, aerospace, post and telecommunications, satellite launch and other command and dispatch systems; Graphic image editing, 3D animation, multimedia design; Process control in the industrial field; Display of securities trading, futures and banking information; CAD/CAM design, typesetting editing system, video image editing.

  1. File editing:

When preparing the project document, refer to the search of relevant Internet information at the same time, so that the data will not be confused because of switching Windows.

  1. Drawing editing:

When using drawing software to design cases, open the reference copy window at the same time, which can also extend the desktop to facilitate the production of large design drafts, and the proofreading window does not overlap at all.

  1. Film and Television entertainment:

(1) Watch network TV, while browsing the program introduction of other channels, wonderful programs are not missed.

(2) When playing online games, you can synchronize the secret skills of the game guide.

  1. Office:

(1) View large tables (such as EXCEL charts) across more than two screens.

(2) Open multiple programs at the same time on the extended desktop space, without frequent switching of the use window.

(3) Read the email and open the attachment file on other screens at the same time.

  1. Program design:

When writing complex programs, another window at the same time to view the program execution results screen, easy to update and modify.