The advantages of wireless display in meeting

Meeting room is the most commonly used place in business field. We usually use it to gather ideas, discuss cooperation or exchange information.

Although the current meeting room equipment is becoming more and more high-end, we are still limited by these equipment, which affects the conference process and even leads to inefficient meeting.

For a long time, we have been used to holding a laptop and then connecting to the projector through a data line to display the content. In fact, wireless display technology does not need to be so troublesome.

Today, we’re going to show you the advantages of upgrading to a wireless meeting room and improving the efficiency of meetings through wireless display technology.

Support any intelligent device

Different operating systems support different hardware devices. If the meeting room projector system is built with windows devices, Mac users cannot use it.

And usually the traditional projector system only supports laptop connection, but can not take into account the mobile phone users. But the wireless meeting room is not the same. It can perfectly support any intelligent demonstration device, whether it is a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

True cross platform wireless meeting room solutions support all major wireless display protocols, such as Miracast, Airplay screen mirroring, and Google cast.
As a result, you can use your favorite smart device’s native wireless screen mirroring protocol to conduct wireless demonstrations without borrowing other devices.

no data cable is required

In the conference room, the common scenario is that we are either looking for HDMI line or on the way to find HDMI line, which will take a lot of time. Even if the HDMI cable is found, the presenter usually has to sit closer to the projector due to its length limitation.

There is also a situation that wastes a lot of our time, and that is the connection problem. It is possible that due to HDMI line failure, interface mismatch or no suitable interface at all, we waste a lot of time debugging, which will also cause inefficient meetings.

Through the installation of wireless projection system, we can get rid of the bondage of various data lines, and can connect the equipment to the projector wirelessly.

Reduce the cost of multi screen system equipment

If a meeting room like a large studio can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people, it will be difficult for many listeners to see the host or screen.

Most of the people in the back row will be blocked by the front pillars or people flow, and they will often not see the complete demonstration content. Therefore, these large meeting rooms usually install multi screen system to cover all angles of the meeting venue.

The cost of traditional multi screen setup will increase rapidly with the size of the site, and the length of HDMI wire is the main reason for the high cost.
In contrast, the cost of multi screen setting in a conference room with wireless meeting display technology only depends on the number of screens, not the size of the room, so the cost is much lower.

Promote collaboration among participants

With the help of cloud based software: Dropbox, Google cloud hard disk, graphite documents and so on, we can increase our productivity by 10 times.

Therefore, it is logical to integrate smart meeting solutions with cloud based collaboration tools. When participants are connected to a wireless display receiver, the smart device becomes a presentation viewer and supports real-time note taking.