Office projection, what are the recommendations for enterprise office wireless projection products?

wireless projection is one of the hottest topics in intelligent conference rooms in recent years. When renovating old conference rooms and new conference rooms, many enterprises are wireless projection in addition to video conferencing. With so many wireless screens on the market, which scheme is more suitable for enterprise office?

wireless projection at present, the most mainstream technologies are software wireless projection and hardware wireless projection. For enterprises, stability is the primary consideration. Therefore, unless the enterprise itself has strong technical strength and it operation and maintenance team, the software wireless screen projection scheme is generally not recommended. Compatibility and subsequent maintenance and upgrading will bring you great trouble.


are all wireless solutions using external devices hardware solutions? No. In fact, many products are only software solutions packaged with hardware, and the method of distinguishing is also very simple. See whether such products need software installation and configuration. If the answer is yes, it is basically the software wireless screen projection scheme.

let’s look at the following hardware wireless projection schemes:

1. The drive free wireless projection device

integrates all software and hardware, uses the industry consistent protocol for transmission, uses high-performance hardware for encrypted transmission of signals, and can have HDMI and type-C interfaces. Use the receiver and transmitter paired in advance for signal transmission without additional hardware support. Such wireless projectors as the response show. Advantages of




have high performance, strong stability, no network, no configuration, simple operation, and can integrate multiple functions.


have good compatibility and are easy to upgrade and maintain. The scheme of expanding the screen can also be used to cast the screen.

2. The app wireless projection device

is used as the upgrade of APP software projection. With the hardware box as a receiving end, the app is integrated into the device at the transmitting end and connected to the computer or other signal source devices through USB. Advantages of


: through the external hardware, the smoothness of audio and video transmission can be guaranteed, and WiFi is not required. Many functions can be integrated through the hardware. Disadvantages of


: hardware needs to be purchased, and the cost is relatively low, but the transmission effect is general and the delay is relatively high. Additional software or driver configuration is required for the first use.

of course, no matter which way, all kinds of products have their own advantages, one price and one goods. In the process of enterprise purchase, the most suitable products can be selected according to the demand and budget.