There are many manufacturers of

solutions for smart office system on the market, but in fact, many people don’t understand what kind of smart office is suitable for their own company. In Xiaobian’s view, the current smart office system should have the following characteristics.

1. Intelligent office systems in the aspect of office environment are mostly done by companies doing smart homes or smart buildings, mainly to solve the intellectualization of office environment, including access control, attendance, lighting, curtains, network, power, etc; This one is mainly to solve; 1 comfort and environmental management cost.

II. The intellectualization of business scenario mainly focuses on the business scenario of office, including OA system in administration, ERP, MES system in production, purchase, sales and inventory in sales, CRM system and collaborative work system related to R & D.




. The intellectualization of personal working equipment is the least studied and discussed. The above two parts are more about solving human problems and facing the collective. For individuals, intellectualization focuses on personal computers, mobile phone assistants, etc.

through the above analysis, as an enterprise, when the decision-maker manages the company, if it is not a high-tech industry, it is undoubtedly to choose the smart office system for the first and second points. The intelligence of office environment and business scenario are equally important. Therefore, we need to choose a company focusing on smart office system solutions to build it. Suzhou Bijie Network Co., Ltd. is such a company dedicated to intelligent office and smart office. Bijie network always takes R & D as the core and adheres to independent innovation. At present, it has many audio and video core technology patents. It has many years of industry experience in building smart office system, which is undoubtedly the best choice for users to choose smart office system.