What is AR live navigation

In recent years, with the increasing maturity of AR technology and the gradual expansion of application products, more and more products have been landed by this technology. At present, the experience of traditional car navigation in practical application is not particularly good, while mobile phone navigation is limited by the size of smart phone, interior environment (light) and other factors, the use of mobile phone navigation in the process of driving, will produce a lot of unnecessary trouble (in passing complex road conditions miss the intersection) or potential safety risks (risk caused by distraction). To sum up, the application of AR technology can further reduce the cognitive cost of navigation functions and improve the accuracy and convenience of navigation functions. For this, car AR navigation came into being.

What is AR navigation? To put it simply, it is to use AR augmented reality technology combined with real-time reality to guide users through virtual models, arrows, dotted lines and other elements based on the real road images captured by the camera in real time. Compared with traditional 2D vehicle-mounted navigation, AR navigation has a qualitative improvement in update frequency, map accuracy and convenience.

At present, the main realization principle of AR navigation is to use the on-board camera with the full LCD instrument and the center control large screen to display the real scene outside the car. Combined with the AI algorithm of the vehicle and machine system, the required navigation path is obtained and projected into the images collected by the camera. This technology can also become the Gospel of some “road crazy players”.

At present, a number of startups are trying to solve this problem with the research and development of related technologies, such as AR navigation or AR-HUD technology, which has become the research and development direction of many companies. Although the media are different, the landing effects of AR navigation and virtual reality HUD technology are in the same direction. And in recent years, including Google, Sogou map, Amap, four dimensional map and other traditional map vendors have entered this subdivision, visible its degree of heat.

At the same time, major automobile manufacturers are gradually increasing investment in this aspect, including Roewe, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Star Road and other brands. The use of AR technology, the user in the use of map navigation, the camera record as a new data into the process, actually open up the user to participate in the path of high-precision map construction, will be able to greatly improve the traditional way of low efficiency, high cost situation. But also to an unprecedented level of dedicated driving experience.