What is Miracast and how does Miracast screen?

Mobile phones, computers and TVS use Miracast to project screens. Do you understand Miracast protocol? Know what Miracast is?

Miracast screen casting

What is Miracast

Miracast gives us the most intuitive Android mobile phone [wireless screen projection], which supports the Miracast screen projection on the smart TV. Of course, this is the representation, and the actual screen projection is using the Miracast protocol.

Miracast protocol

Miracast, formerly known as Wi-Fi Play, is a widely supported industry standard developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Today, more than 1,000 products are Miracast certified, including more than 200 “source” devices (which provide the source of content) and more than 800 “receive” devices (which ultimately play content). It is the largest user base among the three mainstream screen projection protocols (Miracast, Airplay, DLNA).

Miracast screen casting

Miracast mirrors screen images or audio content from one device to another nearby device over Wi-Fi, and includes a variety of configurations that make it easy and secure to discover and match devices. With this technology, you can share multimedia content from mobile devices such as phones and tablets to large-screen devices such as televisions. Sometimes our mobile phone screen, computer and TV are not successful because our hardware devices do not support it, and the software support must be supported by hardware.