What is Miracast Screen Projection protocol?


Miracast is a wireless display standard based on Wi-Fi Direct developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2012. Consumer electronics that support this standard (also known as 3C devices) can share video images wirelessly. For example, a mobile phone can play a film or photo directly to a TV or other device through Miracast without any connection or wireless Access Point (AP).

Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi direct connection (English: Wi-Fi Direct, previously known as Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer, is a set of wireless network interconnection protocols that allow a wifi device to connect directly to another wifi device in a peer-to-peer manner, without having to go through a wireless Access Point. High-speed data transmission. This agreement was developed, supported and CERTIFIED by the Wi-Fi Alliance. A certified product will receive the Wi-Fi Certified Wi-Fi Direct® mark.


At present, it is used by many big factories and depends on wifi. The protocol itself is not a big problem, that is, it may be triggered in some scenarios. Some known problems, such as low version of wps encryption protocol, configuration errors, and use scenarios are limited. Not as convenient as DLNA;