What is Miracast

Miracast is an essential technology for anyone who wants to wirelessly share content on one screen to another screen or a projector, such as presentations, videos, apps and photos. Simply, it wirelessly mirrors what’s on the screen of one device onto another screen for easy viewing and access.

Proven useful in business, education, and entertainment, Miracast is a technology standard that has been ratified by the Wi-Fi Alliance and is native in millions of modern devices worldwide, so you can trust it. Best of all, it’s a native feature in many of today’s modern devices, and eliminates the need for cables and adapters.

And it’s not just a screen mirroring technology. It can be so much more. Teachers use it to improve student comprehension and engagement. Salespeople, business managers, and many others use this technology every day to do their jobs more effectively. So whether you’re using this technology in the office, classroom or home, here’s everything you need to know about Miracast – What it is, what it does, and how you can use it.

How Miracast Works

Based on the Wi-Fi Direct standard, Miracast sets up a direct connection between a device and the display (peer-to-peer), basically creating its own Wi-Fi network.

The device that stores or streams the content (for example, a tablet) communicates directly with the Miracast receiver (for example, a BiJie Box). Miracast connects wirelessly and mirrors everything from one screen to another.

Miracast doesn’t rely on an existing network, and doesn’t need a wireless access point, but can take advantage of a network if connected. This is a huge advantage for commercial and educational environments because it allows heavy video traffic to be moved off the network and allows for secure guest connections without being on the same network, saving valuable bandwidth and providing added security. Miracast also allows for devices to remain connected to an existing Wi-Fi network while simultaneously connected to a display directly, ensuring network services are always available for presentations or content viewing.

Miracast also allows for mice, keyboards and touch-enabled displays to become a wireless extension of a PC, allowing for more natural and flexible interaction with the display.


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