What is screen sharing?

Wireless display adapters or receivers allow people to share content from their mobile phone, tablet or laptop screen on a larger display like an HDTV or a projector screen.

The BiJie Meeting Box is a wireless display receiver. It works with a variety of Samsung, Android and Windows devices. It is not compatible with iOS. The BiJie Meeting Box connects to an HDTV and allows the user to share photos, videos, websites and other applications from their mobile device screen on the HDTV.


Why Would I Screen Share?

Screen sharing means displaying the content from a mobile device screen (like a phone, tablet or laptop) on a larger device screen (like a TV or a projector screen).

You may want to screen share just so that you yourself can see an enlarged view of your screen. For instance, this may come in handy for playing mobile games, or looking at movies when you’re on the road. You may also want to share photos or other applications with a group of people like friends, family or colleagues.

Whatever the reason or venue, screen sharing will give you larger, improved view of the content on your mobile device screen.

How Screen Sharing Works

Screen sharing typically involves creating a connection between a mobile device screen and a device with a larger display. Sometimes you can create a connection using a cable. A more convenient way to connect these devices is using a wireless display technology. You can imagine that with the variety of mobile devices available today, there are a number of different wireless display technologies out there.

BiJie Meeting Box uses Miracast, a common wireless display technology that is built in to many Windows and Android devices. It is not compatible with iOS. To see if your mobile device supports Miracast, look for an application or display setting that uses one of the following terms: screen mirroring, cast screen, wireless display, wireless mirroring, Quick Connect, Smart View, or Screen Sharing.