What are the differences between

educational projector and office projector?

school projectors are generally fixed on the ceiling. For the convenience of projection, the projection box is usually fixed on the projector.

hypothesis: the projector in 10 classrooms in a school uses USB keys as the projector at the sending end, and the projection box and projector bracket are fixed on the ceiling. Because the USB keys are point-to-point devices, teachers use them each time when different teachers teach (insert the USB keys into the projection box and wait about 10 seconds), This experience of climbing up and down… Leads to the screen projector of USB button not suitable for teaching.

Bijie multi screen cooperative equipment supports protocol screen projection. When teachers need screen projection, they can automatically search the ID of the wireless screen projection box by starting the built-in screen projection function of the equipment, which can be distinguished by the screen projection code on the projectors in different classrooms. Thus, teachers began to favor this kind of screen projector with screen projection protocol.


meeting rooms are favored by many meeting rooms because they are fixed, and the screen can be quickly projected by inserting and pressing the USB button.

historical factors

Bijie Internet has developed wireless projectors with different characteristics for multi screen interaction in the “field of business and education”. Over the years, we and many old customers are used to this classification, so we don’t reclassify it. However, with the progress of technology, we generally make cost-effective recommendations according to the needs of users, not limited to the classification of conference or teaching projector.