What is the difference between

wireless conference, software video conference and hardware video conference? The price of “SPE” and “KD” video conferencing systems is different from that of “SPE” and “KD” video conferencing systems.

1. Software video conference relies more on daily office hardware, such as computers, mobile phones and other


pure software video is a video communication mode based on PC architecture, which mainly relies on CPU to process video and audio codec. Its biggest feature is cheap, good openness and convenient software integration. However, the stability and reliability of software video need to be improved, and the video quality can not surpass the hardware video system. Its current market is mainly concentrated in individuals and enterprises.


software video conference are mainly carried by some daily office products, such as projectors, computers and other hardware, or personal mobile phones. Enterprises do not need to buy too much hardware again. It has the advantages of low cost, convenient use, high mobility and flexibility.

2. Traditional hardware video conference terminal has high performance, but the price is relatively expensive.


hardware video are video communication methods based on embedded architecture, which rely on DSP + embedded software to realize video and audio processing, network communication and various conference functions. Its biggest feature is high performance and good reliability. Hardware video is used in most medium and high-end video applications.


generally speaking, professional hardware video conference terminals will have better performance. The hardware may include cameras, microphones and screens. The video picture presented will be more HD and the sound effect will be much better. However, the price of these hardware terminals is generally expensive. Compared with software video conferencing, the price is higher, which may be unbearable for ordinary small enterprises.

3. Cloud video conference is blurring the software and hardware video conference terminals


. In recent years, cloud video conference applications based on cloud computing technology are growing rapidly. The advantage of cloud video conference is that it can effectively integrate professional hardware video conference terminals and gradually integrate personal hardware (laptop, mobile phone and iPad) into the conference system.

from the above analysis, it can be seen that large enterprises and government departments can choose the video conference system based on hardware to access the special network in order to pursue the perfect video conference effect. The video conference system realized by software also has great advantages. For small and medium-sized enterprises, companies and individuals may wish to focus on the software video conference system and the network they can access to build their own video conference system.

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