Screen projection system, what is the enterprise level wireless screen projection system? The

Bijie multi screen cooperative screen projection system is mounted on the wireless screen projector hardware to meet the needs of user conference and educational screen projection. Users can use the wireless projection screen with the hardware equipment, without the need to specially study the wireless projection screen system software. Of course, the Bijie multi screen cooperative wireless screen projection system software still exists. Users who are used to using the software system can still choose to use the system software with the screen projector box at the receiving end.

Bijie multi screen cooperative projection equipment is a high-tech conference product that transforms the traditional wired connection mode into wireless projection mode. It has the characteristics of multi-function and simple operation. It is an efficient supplement to projector, TV, display and other conference display equipment. It can greatly improve the conference efficiency and is a wireless sharing and cooperation equipment for conference demonstration.


Bijie multi screen cooperative projection devices support wireless projection demonstration and cooperation systems mixed with multi platform operating systems such as laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Compatible with the four platforms of window, MAC, Android and IOS, it adopts 2.4g/5g wireless WiFi to transmit screen images, HDMI line signal transmission, plug and play, low learning cost, powerful function and simple operation. Users do not need to install software, settings or networking. They just need to plug in the USB interface of the computer, wait a moment, and press it gently to share on the screen.

1. Installation free, zero configuration, no learning cost, real plug and play. Press the button to cast the screen without installing software to the computer.

2. Wireless transmission to solve the problem of incompatibility between the interface of large screen display equipment (all-in-one machine, projector and LED screen) and office equipment (mobile phone, tablet, notebook and computer).

3. Multi person demonstration. The background supports 9 people to connect at the same time. 9 screen displays can be supported on the large screen. Most conference rooms adopt 4 screen displays, and 9 screen displays are generally used in the application and monitoring room.

4. Screen return technology supports multi-point reverse control of the touch screen, so that the conference can enter the speaker mode and the conference training speech is more wonderful.

5. It supports playing 1080p and 4K video without delay. Most products are 1080p display, and some high-end products support real 4K video output.

6. Multi platform compatibility. The display device only needs to have HDMI or VGA receiving interface. The sending end supports smart phones, tablets, notebooks, desktop computers, cameras, endoscopes, etc., and can install software or use USB, HDMI, type_ C interface output signal device, supporting Android, IOS, windows and MAC systems.

7. No redundant cables, beautify the environment of the conference room and improve the corporate image and conference quality.