The projector in the home field mainly benefits from the rise of “big screen” in recent years. On the one hand, users who pay attention to viewing experience begin to use wireless projection software to build a private home theater. On the other hand, more and more mobile devices support wireless screen casting technology, whether it is mobile phones, computers, iPads, TVs and projectors, almost common intelligent devices support screen casting technology, which makes wireless display popular on a large scale.

Application in meeting:

First of all, the video cable in the conference room is often a big obstacle to the meeting process. Video cable construction is difficult, easy to damage in the process of use, once there is a failure, it is also difficult to repair, but also a big fight, tear down the wall and dig the ground. But Bijie wireless display does not need video connection line, which not only saves the construction cost, but also saves the time cost of on-site use.
Bijie wireless display can connect the intelligent terminal to the conference, that is, directly mirror the content of mobile phones, pads and other mobile devices to the large screen for the participants to share; Bijie investment screen can enable the content interaction between mobile intelligent terminals, which can not be realized by wired connection.

Application in Teaching:

In the traditional multimedia classroom, the teacher connects the projector through the cable, and projects the computer picture onto the large screen. The picture is not clear, and the teacher can only sit in front of the computer in class, and “bow the head” in the whole process. Through Bijie wireless display, you can get a clear picture. In the process of class, the teacher can wirelessly project the two students’ homework to the large screen through Bijie meeting box, , which is very convenient.

Application in hotels:

We often go to the hotel when we are on business. Although there is a TV set in the hotel room, it is also a simple decoration and can not bring substantial fun. Most young people in the hotel in addition to using mobile phones, iPad to watch their favorite video programs, is to sleep and rest, lying in bed in a daze, bored. This makes people hate this hotel model. After the introduction of screen casting technology, it is a passive way to choose your favorite programs from TV stations, and it becomes an active way to cast content through screen casting. With Bijie wireless display, photos and videos of travel and business trip can be put on the TV to enjoy the vision of large screen.