What’s the difference between mobile phone projection and screen image?

has been puzzling about the difference between mobile phone projection and image projection recently.

screen projection: from our own screen projection experience, most of the current mobile phone screen projection uses the push screen provided by the video software, that is, the TV Resources of the app platform are pushed to the TV, and then the TV plays the program, while our mobile phone can chat with wechat, brush the circle of friends and other operations.


image: that is, the multi screen interactive function module of Apple mobile phone and computer. It mirrors the whole screen of the mobile phone on the large screen, such as the main interface of the mobile phone.

projection and mirror comments

from the perspective of viewing, projection is more in line with our needs when we watch movies with mobile phones. When we put the mobile phone on the big screen, our focus must be on the big screen. At this time, the mobile phone can’t turn off the screen and must play all the time. It feels like a waste of power.

from the projection content, the audio and video resources in the form of streaming media can be pushed when the mobile phone is on the screen, and the ranking image has no resource restrictions, as long as the mobile phone screen can be presented.

from the perspective of purpose, because the content of the projection screen is audio and video resources in the form of streaming media, it is more used for viewing; The screen image is unlimited in content, so playing games, live broadcasting and office… However, the screen image of Apple devices is controlled by the airplay protocol and can only work with devices that support the airplay screen image.