Where is the screen function of win7 computer?

I’ve been looking around for a long time on desktop computers and laptops, but I can’t find the relevant screen function. Later found that the original Windows 7 system is not built with the screen function. So I can’t find it. In order to avoid detours, I will introduce the implementation of the screen software. The effect is better than miracast. In one step.

Computer projection method:

The first step is to enable the computer to have the screen projection function by using the Bigem interactive box. In this case, the computer has the mirrored screen function in miracast and lelink protocols.

Second, we need to use wifi to search. You don’t need a data cable. The computer and the TV or projector are connected to the same wifi, which can be a wired connection under the same router.

Third, it starts the screen search function, at which point it will search for the same wifi TV, projector set-top box. Wait for him to search, click on the device, one button screen. No complex wiring, easy to use.

The above method is win7 screen method, of course, also support win8 and win10 system. This method is a little simple, TV does not need to operate anything, easy for the general public to understand the use, no matter anyone, as long as can play computer, will click the screen can use.

To sum up:

The advantage of wireless screen projection is that there is no complicated equipment, no data line, fool operation screen projection function. If the smart TV does not support the screen projection, connect the screen projection product of Betjie Internet or replace the smart TV that supports the screen projection.

Computer screen, in addition to the computer screen, you can also screen documents, PPT files, computer video games, etc., together to experience the powerful screen!