Where to set up Apple 11airplay

Airplay is a wireless technology unique to Apple devices. Through WiFi connection, we can project pictures, videos and other information on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad to devices that support AirPlay through wireless transmission. Since Apple devices do not allow third-party programs to obtain their screen images, many domestic wireless projection boxes are achieved by cracking the AirPlay protocol.

airplay is Apple’s proprietary protocol for projecting video from Apple’s handheld devices to AirPlay-enabled large-screen devices for playback, which is fairly easy to use. So where is Apple 11airplay set, the following is a small series to tell you.

1, first click on the iPhone 11 screen, and then use your finger to pull up from the bottom of the screen.

  1. After opening the shortcut bar, click on the screen image to turn airplay on or off.

3, wait for the mobile phone to find the device, click the device to connect.

The operation mode of screen projection is very simple, if you are an Apple phone, swipe up at the bottom of the screen with your finger, call out the detailed panel of the control center, click “Screen image” → Select devices → Screen projection. Apple’s ipad also uses a “screen image” to project the screen, but the control center is located at the bottom of the screen and in the upper right corner of the screen.

It is worth reminding that the screen projection through AirPlay screen image needs to ensure that the Apple device and the screen projector are in the same LAN (same network segment), and cannot be used across network segments and vlans, which is more troublesome for enterprises with a responsible network architecture.