With the progress of science and technology, many mobile phones can wireless display the screen, such as Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and OV

I have been using Huawei and Huawei wireless display for a long time. Here I list some models that support wireless display

At present, pro, mate RS, glory note10, glory V20, glory Magic 2, nova4, P10 (emui9.0), P10 plus (emui9.0), P30, p30pro, mate20 pro, mate20 RS, mate20 x, mate10, mate10 pro, P20, P20, glory V10 (emui9.0) and glory 10 (emui9.0) support the display function of mobile phones.

Mate Series and P series wired display and wireless display are supported. P10 (emui9.0) and P10 plus (emui9.0) support wireless display.

Nova4 and glory Magic 2 support wireless projection, but do not support wired projection.
Glory note10 supports wired projection, not wireless projection.