Which would you choose, computer projection or mobile phone projection?

When we say the screen projector, the most thought is the mobile phone screen.

But in fact, the screen projector can really be stably used is commercial grade screen projection equipment, and the transmitter is usually computer equipment. Computer projection screen is the most stable, more functions, has practical significance, can be commercialized. And the computer screen, there are Windows computers and Mac OS computers.

This article only describes the Windows PC screen projection.

Using the computer as the transmitter for wireless screen projection, there are usually two ways. Let’s take Betjet Internet as an example to illustrate it:

First, use the software transmitter for screen projection. Software transmitter screen projection, is a recent approach used by many large screen manufacturers and wireless screen projection solutions, despite all kinds of drawbacks, but because of high cost performance, it is still accepted by many users.

So how do you screen?

First of all, Windows computers need to download the transmitter software from the wireless projection screen receiver. The method of downloading is: connect the computer’s Wi-Fi to the Bijet box, open the browser on the computer, enter the IP address and port number in the address bar, and then three clients will pop up on the Web page, respectively, the client for Android system, the client for Windows system and the client for Mac OS system.

Second, the use of hardware transmitter screen. The easiest way to use Windows screen projection is to use a plug and play hardware transmitter screen projection.

The hardware transmitter that comes with the Bijet box. If you are using the computer for the first time, you will need to pair the Bitjet box transmitter. Its pairing mainly does two things: one is to write the Wi-Fi hotspot information of the Bijet box to the transmitter for automatic connection; The second is to check whether the version of the transmitter and the Bijet box is consistent. The versions are automatically synchronized if they are inconsistent. After the pairing is completed, insert the transmitter into the computer, wait 15s, press the transmitter button, you can normally cast the screen.