Why are Smart Classrooms needed?

Today smart classrooms have become the need of the time due to their salient features like:
Collaborative Learning: Certain technology-powered products are used in smart classrooms in collaboration with traditional classroom courses to make them easy to understand for the children. The interactive display can be used collectively by the teachers and students to improve their thoughts and clarify their doubts using certain features of these dedicated devices or various other features.

Interactive Display: To show active interactive multimedia content on the plasma screen, an LCD screen or glass window of storefront interactive displays are used. The system of a smart classroom can make a flat surface interactive by using camera-based devices with technology to recognize gestures.

reverse control: The teacher or student’s intelligent terminal is displayed onto the large screen, and the teacher can reverse control the display terminal equipment on the large screen to perform page turning, rolling and other operations.

annotations: When the mobile terminal is put on the large screen, the annotation function can be opened through the touch of the large screen to annotate the displayed content in real time, so as to improve the interactive teaching experience.

electronic blackboard: BiJie education wireless interactive box provides electronic whiteboard function, which can be used for fluent writing and writing on the blackboard through the touch screen,

wallpaper rotation: Display box supports wallpaper carousel. The course table, formula table and course requirements can be played as wallpapers; 

Publicity pictures can be replaced by local USB flash disk or unified management platform;




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