Why is the delay so serious?

Before the popularity of smart phones, people’s entertainment was mainly watching TV, or using computers to surf the Internet and play games, but now people can’t live without mobile phones. But now more and more people are interested in mobile screen projection TV, computer or projector and other large screen display, long time screen projection, will find the problem such as delay?

Method 1: Clear the cache, system garbage, develop a regular cleaning habit

When a smart TV/Internet set-top box is slow to respond, it’s time to clean out the system and remove some unused apps. Anything used for a long time will accumulate garbage, smart TV box is also the same, after a period of use, it is inevitable to residual cache garbage, system garbage, these accumulated more memory space, naturally affect the running speed; It’s best to set up regular cleaning to keep the smart TV/TV box running smoothly

Method 2: Turn off “bad apps” and save only necessary ones

If the delay occurs when using third-party software, it is caused by the software. This situation generally appears in non – legitimate software or broadcast software (broadcast source problem). This is recommended to choose genuine, high maintenance software download use. You can install TV for TV home, with projection function and as the old brand has a guarantee.

Method 3: The network is unstable and cannot be loaded

If the TV is connected to an unstable network, it can also cause playback delays. It is recommended that you connect to the wireless network and place the router not far away from the TV in daily use without any interval to ensure stable network output. If the problem is the router, you can also consider replacing the router

Method 4: The device hardware is damaged

This point is easy to understand, is the equipment due to hardware aging, human external force and other factors caused by hardware damage. When this happens, it is not recommended that you carry out self-inspection, for safety reasons, contact after-sales service is very necessary.