Wi Fi Direct – What is Wi Fi Direct?

Wi Fi Direct, formerly known as Wi Fi Peer to Peer, is a software protocol that allows devices in wireless networks to connect to each other without the need for a wireless router.

WiFi direct allows WiFi devices to connect directly to another WiFi device in a point-to-point manner, without the need for a wireless network base station (Access Point), for high-speed data transmission. This protocol was developed, supported, and certified by the Wi Fi Alliance. Certified products will receive Wi Fi certification and the Wi Fi Direct logo.

WiFi Direct is similar to Bluetooth technology, which allows wireless devices to be interconnected in a point-to-point manner, and has a significant improvement in transmission speed and distance compared to Bluetooth.


On October 14,2009, the Wi Fi Alliance announced that they were developing this protocol. The public certification officially began on October 25,2010. Currently, manufacturers such as Atheros, Broadcom, Intel, Ralink, Realtek, etc. have passed certification and are preparing to release products with Wi Fi Direct functionality.


The Wi Fi Direct architecture is built on top of the existing 802.11a,802.11g, and 802.11n and does not support 802.11b. Faster than existing ad hoc modes, and also supports WPA2 encryption mechanism. The maximum transmission distance is 200 meters, the maximum transmission speed is 250Mbps, and the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands are used. It supports one-to-one and one to many modes.

Because it belongs to software protocols, theoretically, old Wi Fi devices may achieve compatibility through firmware and software upgrades, but the Wi Fi alliance does not guarantee that chip manufacturers will definitely support upgrades.

Wi Fi Direct logo

Devices with the Wi Fi Direct logo support a groundbreaking new technology that enables direct interconnection of Wi Fi devices, helping users complete tasks such as printing, sharing, synchronization, and display in a simpler and more convenient way.

Products with the Wi Fi Certified Wi Fi Direct logo can connect to each other without joining traditional home, office, or hotspot networks. By utilizing this technology, mobile phones, cameras, printers, PCs, and gaming devices will be able to connect directly to each other to quickly and easily transfer content and share applications.