Win10 display cannot view protected content

When we use the mobile phone to display on win10, sometimes we will encounter the win10 prompt “unable to view the protected content on this device”. There are many reasons for this situation, and the solutions are different. In this article, I will solve the problem one by one:

1. Firewall issues

“Unable to view the protected content on this device” is likely to be the cause of the firewall. We just need to turn off the network firewall. The steps are as follows:

1.1 Open the “start” menu, enter “settings” find “network and Internet”, click “status” on the left, and find “windows firewall”.

1.2 After entering the firewall page, select ”private network” and ”public network” in turn, and then select “close”. In this way, we will completely close the windows firewall.


If we don’t want to close the firewall, we just need to add our display software to ”allow the application to pass through the firewall”.

2、 Pairing setup issues

To solve this problem, we only need a few simple steps, as follows:
Open the “setting” interface, click “system”, find “projecting  to this PC” on the left, and select ” available everywhere”.

3、 System service issues

On the desktop, find “network”, right-click, click “properties”,  find media streaming options on the right, select “start using”, and then select “allow all”.