Win10 system PC wireless projection screen to TV detailed steps

In a traditional conference, if you want to make a presentation with multiple computers in turn, you either need to unplug and insert the signal cable connected to the laptop several times. In addition, some of the participants have windows or Mac OS laptops, and the laptop interfaces may not be identical, or they have already copied the documents to be presented in the conference in one computer. Such meetings are tedious and inefficient, which greatly affects the fluency of the meeting.


Today Xiaobian to introduce the recommended meeting “artifact”, As long as your laptop PC has a USB port, insert a round-shaped USB screen transfer button into your laptop PC, wait a few seconds, wait for the indicator on the USB screen transfer button to stop blinking, gently press, you can display the screen projection. In the video, you can see how the laptop computer of Windows10 system realizes the wireless screen projection display,Wi n10 system laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad) Wireless projection screen at 86″

Windows laptop wireless projection on the projector picture feedback display: In the above practical operation video, you can see that there is no signal cable between the laptop and the TV in the process of wireless projection of the laptop in the conference room. Instead, a round-shaped button is inserted into the USB interface of the laptop. It is very simple to use Complete the wireless projection display.

Even if you are a computer white, still can easily use. Bijie Internet wireless screen projection solution takes into account the universality and USB interface of laptops. The commonly used system versions of laptops on the market are divided into Apple system and Windows system. Most Windows laptops have an HDMI port, and some older laptops only have a VGA port, but that doesn’t matter. Almost every laptop will have a USB port, so you don’t have to buy a variety of signal adapter or converter head.

It is because of the Bijie interactive box, so that laptop users wireless screen operation, very convenient and fast

Considering the particularity of business meeting scene, “Welcome small application”, more intimate preparation for enterprise meeting application scene. Welcome speech is essential for the meeting where guests are received. Welcome app for users to easily build a welcome interface. I believe you have watched the following video, will be able to laptop wireless projection screen and welcome application is a good combination.