win7 computer through the screen projection software wireless projection TV

windows7 system of computer, how to use wifi such no transmission, the computer screen wireless projection screen to the TV? There is no need to buy a data cable or a screen projector through wireless projection, which makes more and more office people use the screen to hold meetings and watch videos.

But the worst thing about Win7 compared to windows10 is that the extension content is not much, many designs are more outdated than Win10, so is the screen. win7 does not support direct calls to miracast (wireless display), but no way.


In order to avoid detours, the realization of screen software is summarized.

The first step: install on the computer “Betgemini projection screen computer version” projection software, search can find. Then check that the computer and the TV (projector) are connected to the same wifi, or a wired connection under the same router.

Step 2: Open the computer version of the wireless screen projection software just installed, notice that it has started to search for the same network can screen TV, wait for him to search for about a few seconds, it will appear your smart TV or smart projector.

Step 3: Start to use, select the name of the TV, select the device, one click screen. No complex wiring, easy to use.

Summary: Use the above method to support Windows7 and above systems. No complicated equipment, fool operation screen function. If your smart TV doesn’t support projection, try installing a Betgemini projection TV on your TV or replacing it with a smart TV that supports projection.