win7 system laptop screen TV tutorial

Due to the limited screen size of the laptop, many units in the meeting will choose the laptop screen to the TV, but many computer white do not know how to laptop screen TV, the following Xiaobian to talk about a laptop connected to the TV method tutorial

  1. First make sure your TV and computer are on the same LAN or connected to the same wireless network.
  2. Click the Start menu bar and click “Control Panel”;
  3. Click “Network and internet”;
  4. Click “Network and Sharing Center”;
  5. On the right, click “Public Network” under “Network”;
  6. Click “Home Network” in the pop-up window;
  7. After the home network is set up, open windows media player and select the following options in Media Stream.

Note: In the case of a win7 system, miracast has no built-in screen projection software, so third-party screen projection software is required. For example, the Bijie screen can be used to screen your computer, Android or TV.