Windows computer Mac computer wireless projection method

Windows PC has WiDi, software, USB hardware 3 wireless projection mode.

1) WIDI screen projection: WiDi is a built-in wireless screen projection display function of Windows10 computer (which is not necessarily supported by WIFI NIC after installation). It is an improvement based on Miracast protocol. Win10 users can perform wireless screen projection very conveniently, which is personally the most convenient way for computer screen projection.

2) Software screen projection: The screen projection is mainly performed by installing the software of the transmitter and receiver, which requires the help of the local area network. The advantage is that it can realize the same screen sharing of the whole network. Theoretically, it can realize the network access and screen access.

3) USB Button screen projection: It is necessary to add an extra USB button hardware, click the button to grasp the PC display screen, and then transmit the hardware coding to the screen projection box through WIFI network for decoding and display. The advantage is that the screen projection can be quickly displayed with one button; The disadvantage is the need to increase the hardware, the need to adapt before use, the price is not cheap.


The Mac mainly uses Airplay and USB hardware for wireless screen projection, which is used in a similar way.

As an important part of intelligent office, wireless screen projection has increasingly entered the enterprise information management planning. The application of wireless screen projection is the most intuitive embodiment of the enterprise’s pursuit of efficient and convenient office. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for the function and stability of wireless projection equipment, which supports more diversified multi-screen interaction scenes, higher output resolution and higher product stability, which are the most concerned pain points of users. At the same time, this is also a new opportunity and challenge, who can take the lead in solving users’ pain points, who can stand out in the wireless screen industry segment.

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