windows PC wireless projection screen to Mi TV

Now the Windows10 system has a good support in miracast, and all domestic TV sets are starting to carry miracast projection function. It can be said that in the near future, we should no longer need screen projection software and screen projection equipment for mobile phone and computer screen projection to the TV. Today Xiaobian will teach you win10 computer miracast projection screen Xiaomi TV.

Mi TV win10 computer miracast Projection screen

Prerequisites: The network adapter and graphics card of the win10 PC must support miracast, and the MI TV specially supports miracast screen projection. If the hardware doesn’t support it, it won’t work

Network environment: In the same LAN environment.

miracast Projection Screen of win10 Computer MI TV Connection Procedure:

Windows 10 computer WIN+P [quickly change the current projection mode], in the right side of the computer [computer screen only], [copy], [extension], [second screen only], four modes, choose extension or image actually this is arbitrary.

Mirror mode: The computer is synchronized with the TV screen, that is, what the computer shows, Xiaomi TV also shows what.

Extended mode: The Mi TV is like a second screen on your computer, and you just drag what you need to show onto the second screen. For example, if you want to watch TV programs, on the Win10 computer, open the Tencent TV client APP, and drag the whole broadcast interface to the TV — all the way to the right.