Wireless display, the advantages of using wireless display in meeting room,

Does the conference room in my impression have all kinds of complicated wires and row seats on the desktop? There is no place to start with the connection line, adapter line and power line. Even Internet companies, which claim to be very creative and at the forefront of innovation, still have this phenomenon. Efficiency and time cost are our most important things. If every meeting needs to spend a lot of time to build the environment, and you have to toss the pictures and projectors in the middle of the meeting to ensure that the meeting can be held normally, then it’s really too backward.

Why can wireless screen projection become a new favorite in conference room?

Reason 1 Wireless screen is great, abandoning the embarrassment of line finding
After using the wireless screen projection, the previous VGA cable, HDMI to VGA cable, DP to VGA cable, minidp to VGA cable, apple mobile phone n transmission adapter line, Android type-C, micro USB cable to HDMI, these can not remember, do not understand the cable can be put away. Because the wireless screen projection uses WiFi channel, there is no need to rely on line transmission, and there is no limit on the length of the line. You don’t worry about the impact of the long connection time on the conference process. Because connecting the screen projection, you can cast the screen from the small screen to the large screen in a moment.

Reason 2
According to the previous practice, when meeting, if another person has a PPT or files and wants to share them, what should he do? The projector can only send the files to us. Or use USB flash disk to copy the past, but the file is too large to let a group of people in the meeting wait for you to copy, which is unrealistic.

What’s more, if we use wireless projection, can we solve the problem that many people want to project the screen. Yes, the advantage of wireless projection is that any device can cast screens with each other. Even if someone is already casting the screen, when the next person wants to cast the screen, they can directly click the wireless screen projection. Grab your own screen. It’s as convenient as the next song in KTV. At present, there are Android mobile phone version, PC version, apple version and Mac computer version. Therefore, the use of wireless screen, you can switch at will, do not have to wait.

If you want to cast two screens together, it’s called multi cast one. It can be realized by using wireless screen. It’s very troublesome to change to wired connection.





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