How to set up the wireless display of the smart office system?

    Smart office, not only means that it can get rid of the trouble of traditional wire rod, provide users with more convenient display mode, improve the internal office efficiency, on the other hand, it also creates a more comfortable office environment.

    At present, there are two kinds of wireless conference systems on the market. One is the pure software wireless conference system (usually built into the large screen system), and the other is the external equipment of wireless display.


In order to make the meeting display have high reliability, BiJie Internet provides another solution. It is  a wireless display box. You only need to connect the BiJie wireless display transmitter to the meeting room monitor. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and PC computers can display the screen quickly.

    For users, the wireless display of BiJie Internet has a very convenient point. It does not need to rely on the external network environment, which means that it can be used normally in any environment.

Moreover, the transmitter and receiver use 2.4/5G dual band transmission, and can automatically adjust the channel according to the environment. Whether it is a presentation report or playing high-definition video, low delay (generally 30 ms delay) is used to let the meeting enter speaker mode.