With the large-scale popularization of mobile intelligent devices, more and more employees in enterprises hope to use personal computers to work. BYOD has gradually become a popular office mode in enterprises. However, the emergence of new mode puts forward new demands for enterprises.

In the conference, due to the use of different personal equipment, the traditional wiring mode causes problems such as interface incompatibility, too much wire and conference information security. How to create a modern wireless conference scene has become a hot topic for enterprises.

Bijie wireless projection box is a professional enterprise level wireless projection device. With its unique performance, it stands out among many wireless projection products on the market and becomes the best choice for enterprises to create wireless conference.

Because the use of most personal devices, in the face of the projector or conference panel in the conference room, leads to different access methods of each device. The actual use will not only bring trouble to employees, but also increase the workload of IT staff.

With a simple connection mode, the wireless screen projection box can complete the wireless display between a variety of devices and the large screen in one minute. After connecting the wireless display box with the large screen, Android users only need to open the wireless projection box of their mobile phones and tablets when using it. Apple users can directly use their own screen images Use USB transmitter to plug in the computer. The first use of the screen within 1 minute to complete the operation, follow-up use, 30 seconds fast screen.