Google has added a new feature for Chrome browser: Chromecast works in conjunction with Chrome browser’s built-in features, allowing you to wirelessly project your local files onto your TV with just one click. Although some third-party paid plugins have previously been able to provide similar features, Google’s hands-on implementation of this feature will undoubtedly further transform Chromecast into a comprehensive wireless projection extender.

You can find the “Projection” icon in the menu of the Chrome beta version, click on the “Projection File” in the drop-down menu, and select the local media file to push it to the TV monitor.


Chromecast only supports decoding a few media files, so casting local files is already a tricky business for it. Google is also constantly proposing new solutions to make Chromecast wireless screen casting more efficient. Wireless screen mirroring for ontology files has become a trend, and both Airplay and Miracast will ultimately provide users with a more convenient and efficient wireless screen mirroring experience.