What are the wireless projection classifications?

Price classification.

There is also a big price gap for home projectors, ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands. And mainstream home projector, generally will not exceed 10000 yuan. Projectors within 10000 yuan can be roughly divided into the following four levels according to their prices:

Entertainment model: less than 2000 yuan
Entry model: About 2500-3500 yuan
Mid end model: about 4500-6500 yuan
High end model: more than 7000 yuan

Classification of uses.

According to the use, it can be divided into home projector and commercial projector.

Commercial projectors can be divided into business office projectors, engineering projectors, cinema projectors, etc. according to different needs, the prices range from thousands to hundreds of thousands. Compared with the traditional TV, the projector can not only display larger pictures, but also save space.

Brand classification.

At present, the mainstream projector brands are divided into two categories: domestic brands and foreign brands. Most of the domestic brands are just emerging in recent years, such as Jimi, dangbei, Nut, Mijia, which basically occupy the domestic market of low-end smart home projectors.

There are also high-end commercial projection equipment in the domestic market Bijie interactive box. Foreign brands like Epson, Mingji (Taiwan) and youpai are more oriented to the high-end market. And most of the projectors we choose are these brands.