Wireless projection, how to watch movies at home on such a hot day?

is the most comfortable home in summer. It’s hot when you go out. Is there anything more comfortable than lying at home? Blowing fans, eating watermelon, drinking cold drinks, chasing dramas and more happy times are hidden at home. When it comes to chasing dramas, it hurts your eyes to watch them with your mobile phone for a long time. Why not use your mobile phone to watch blockbusters on the screen.

at present, there are many projection software on the market. With projection software, we can project the content on the mobile phone to the TV or computer under the condition of wireless connection. Today, with the basic popularity of smart phones, people rely more and more on mobile phones. More and more people like to watch live broadcasts and play mobile games with mobile phones. With screen projection software, games and live videos on mobile phones can be projected onto TV, so they can enjoy the pleasant experience brought by the large screen. As an ashes level game player, the author has used many screen projection software. So far, the most comfortable screen projection software is the Bijie screen projection TV version. It is simple to operate and easy to use. The most important thing is that the synchronization is not stuck.


are compatible with Android and IOS systems. It supports mobile phone, computer projection TV and mobile phone wireless projection computer. As long as the content that can be displayed on the mobile phone can be reflected on the TV or computer, it can be used in a wide range of scenarios.

under the pressure of fast-paced life, playing games is the author’s favorite way to reduce pressure. From the ignorant youth to the present age, from the traditional end game to the current mobile game, the enthusiasm for the game is still unabated. However, the screen of playing games with mobile phone is too small, and I can’t stand looking down at my mobile phone for a long time. Therefore, when I play games at home, I generally like to throw the games on my mobile phone onto the TV. Here I share with you the usage of Bijie.

we can go to the application market to download a Bijie projection client. After opening the client, there will be a detailed introduction to the software, device name and network name on the main interface.


IOS system and Android system mobile phones can achieve basically the same functions and effects when using Bijie projection screen. Use Bijie to play mobile games on TV. The visual enjoyment brought by the large HD screen is unmatched by the narrow and depressed mobile screen. It feels more comfortable than playing traditional end games on the computer.

although smart TVs can also realize network connection, the more realistic problem is that the film source on TV is very limited, and the film update is far from fast on the network. With the Bijie projection screen, we can use the mobile phone to find the film source, and then put it on the TV. It’s fun to watch movies and chase dramas on the large screen. For full screen broadcasting, just turn the mobile phone horizontally, and the volume can also be adjusted directly on the mobile phone.

Bijie projection supports 1080p high-definition image quality wireless projection. Share the photos on the mobile phone to the TV with high-definition large screen, the display effect will be clearer and more exquisite, and the colors will be more gorgeous.


can also be used to project mobile music to the TV, and lyrics or MV videos can be projected to the TV screen The emergence of the Internet is not only the progress of modern society, but also an important symbol of scientific and technological development. We are lucky to be born in the Internet era. We should enjoy the convenience brought by scientific and technological progress. Bijie projection software can not only bring us a higher quality of life, but also help us in many work scenes. Unused friends can go to the next one to try.