Wireless Projection – Wireless Projection Device Recommendation

Wireless projection, literally, means displaying mobile phones, pads, computer screens, and WIFI signals wirelessly on large screens such as televisions, all-in-one devices, and projectors.

The significance of wireless screen projector

The emergence of a product inevitably has a certain special usage significance.Otherwise, no one is willing to pay for meaningless products.Home entertainment: Sitting in front of a computer watching videos, very uncomfortable; Watching videos with a phone or pad, the screen is too small to enjoy.

By using a wireless projector to project the screens of mobile phones, tablets, and computers onto a large TV, there is no doubt that a large screen can bring us more visual enjoyment. Therefore, watching movies on a large screen is the dream of many users.Conference office: By using a wireless screen transmitter, the current operation content on the laptop is instantly synchronized and displayed on the business all-in-one machine. As long as it can be displayed on the computer screen, it can be synchronized and displayed on the all-in-one machine without any content restrictions.

Application Scope of Wireless Screen Projector

In reality, wireless screen projectors achieve direct wireless communication between our signal sending end [mobile phone, pad, computer] and signal receiving end [wireless screen projector], without any restrictions on the large screen. As long as our display screen [TV, all-in-one machine, projector] has an HDMI interface, we can perform wireless screen projection through the wireless screen projector.

Usage of Bijie Wireless Screen Projector

Connect the receiver box of the wireless projector to the display screen through an HDMI cable;

On mobile phones, computers, and pads, activate the wireless screen projector’s sending end [Android phone comes with wireless screen projection or download app],[Apple phone comes with screen image], and [Windows computer uses app or USB button] to display the screen in wireless WIFI form to the receiving end screen.