Wireless Projection

You can connect your phone, laptop, Pad or other devices to an external display (for example, a TV) wirelessly.

Based on the model and functions of your external display, do the following:

To check whether your external display supports Miracast and how to enable wireless projection on it, consult the user guide or customer service of the external display manufacturer.

If the external display supports Miracast, enable wireless projection on it.

If not, use a wireless HDMI adapter to connect your phone and external display. Ensure that the wireless HDMI adapter is connected to a power supply.

Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel, then turn on Wi-Fi.

Swipe down further on the notification panel to enable Wireless Projection. Your phone will now search for the external display or the wireless HDMI adapter.

Alternatively, go to Settings > More connections > Easy Projection and enable Wireless projection.

Touch the name of the external display or the wireless HDMI adapter on the search result list to start projecting.