The integration of traditional advertising machines and wireless projection is a development trend in the telecommunications industry. The Bijie advertising machine wireless projection solution solves the flexible transformation from traditional information publishing systems to intelligent information publishing systems, supporting flexible wireless projection of smartphones and PCs anytime and anywhere. The content updates of advertising machines can also be updated in real-time, making temporary advertising placements possible.

Intelligent terminal wireless screen projection

Supports wireless screen mirroring for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac smartphones, and PC.

Horizontal and vertical screen switching display

Support horizontal and vertical screen switching to meet different types of advertising screens

Provide SDK development toolkit

Bijie provides a complete transmitter SDK and receiver SDK, which can provide C/C++, node.js, C #, Object C, NW, and Electron interfaces

Native screen projection protocol support

Compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, DLNA, GoogleCast, and native projection protocols

Support screen casting code/PIN code screen casting

Screen casting security encryption processing to prevent accidental casting

Support integration with information publishing systems

Can be integrated with advertising information publishing systems; Can provide a unified management platform for device authorization management and control

Provide SDK development toolkit

Provide a complete set of SDK development toolkits for Bijie’s screen transmitter, receiver, and platform, facilitating user integration for secondary development.

Sending SDK:Android Sender SDK、iOS Sender SDK、Windows Sender SDK、Mac OS Sender SDK

  • Windows can provide C/C++interface or node.js interface, C # interface
  • The MacOS platform can provide C/C++interfaces or node.js interfaces
  • The Android SDK provides C, C++interfaces, or aar interfaces
  • The iOS platform provides C, C++, and Object C interfaces, and has the ability to call iOS Airplay or iOS screen recording