Wireless Screen Projection – Introduction to Bijie Hotel’s Wireless Screen Projection Solution

eople who frequently travel may have a feeling every time they stay in a hotel, and the TV in the hotel is basically a decoration. Many hotels still have traditional old televisions with few programs, and it is difficult to turn them on, often leaving them idle.

But you can use the Bijie projection screen to watch the movie or TV series you want to watch on the TV, and you can also cast some pictures to make the pictures appear larger and clearer. What’s more interesting is that you can also project mobile games onto the TV, and your phone can play games on a large screen without tiring your eyes.

By using the Bijie projection screen, the hotel is no longer just a place to sleep. At night, you can go back to the hotel to projection screen and take photos while playing, and projection screen music or movies. You can also enjoy the atmosphere of a home cinema when you go out. You can even have remote meetings with company colleagues, which is a perfect balance between work and entertainment.

By using the cross network screen projection function of Bijie, the phone can scan the TV code to accurately target the screen and avoid the phenomenon of wrong screen projection.

Just install the Bijie Tiaoping app on both your TV and phone, and ensure that you can access the internet (not necessarily on the same WiFi). Then, use the Bijie Tiaoping mobile app to scan the QR code displayed on the Bijie Tiaoping TV version to connect to the device.

After successful connection, open any video app with screen projection function on your phone, click the screen projection button in the video window, and you can watch the video on the TV. That is to say, as long as you can use the mobile scanning function and the screen projection function, you will definitely be able to use it smoothly. The Bijie screen projection mobile version will play a connecting role in the middle.

Bijie’s projection screen supports over 1000 video apps, including commonly used ones such as online storage, music, and live streaming. And it supports one click screen casting on mobile phones, including Apple Airplay screen casting and Android phone one click screen casting.

Choosing a suitable screen projection app or wireless screen projector is essential for making travel life more interesting!