Wireless screen projection – sharing of methods for computer wireless screen projection television

Today’s method is to use the “DLNA” protocol, which is actually a feature found in most electronic products, but not many people know about it; Nowadays, almost all smart TVs on the market support DLNA. By setting up DLNA, it is possible to connect computers and TVs, and project computer content onto the TV, including music, files, videos, and more.

Here’s how to cast a screen:

Note: The computer and TV must be on the same LAN.

Change advanced sharing settings

Open the computer and select Network and Internet from Control Panel or Desktop

Click on ‘Network and Sharing Center’ again

After opening, click on ‘Change Advanced Sharing Settings’ on the left side

After clicking to open, the settings page will pop up:

Select [Streaming Options] and click to enable streaming

That is, click the ‘Enable Streaming’ button

Then set all statuses to ‘allowed’ and click ‘confirm’ to exit.

2. Screen projection

Then you can start the journey of screen projection, select what you want to play, right-click and select ‘Play’, then select your device to play, and you can achieve computer screen projection of TV, whether it is pictures, music, files, or videos.

Some video playback websites also have buttons on the computer that allow for one click screen projection to the TV. You can try them out, but they also require open settings on the same network.

3. Suitable for Bijie Internet wireless screen projector screen projection

It is recommended to use a wireless projection device produced by Suzhou Bijie Network Co., Ltd., which is compatible with all projection protocols and device systems currently available on the market, including Apple phone projection, Apple computer projection, Android phone projection, Windows computer projection, tablet computer projection, etc. It is suitable for various application scenarios, such as smart conference rooms, smart classrooms, business demonstrations, higher education group teaching, commercial advertising projection, etc, Wireless screen projection in hotel rooms, etc.