Wireless Screen projection – Smart Conference BYOM solution

Video conferencing is becoming more and more common in the office, but each meeting has to be set up hours in advance, and there are a lot of cables, meetings and even before the dizzy…… The most suffocating thing is to suddenly drop the line or replace the computer in the meeting, and it is a long wait, which is not only inefficient, but also affects the mood, if it is a very important project, it is undoubtedly fatal. In addition, video conferencing has the following pain points:

1. Software video conferencing is convenient, but external cameras and microphones are needed to ensure the meeting effect when multiple people are in a meeting, and the meeting environment needs to be prepared in advance;

2. Secondly, the peripheral wire connection mode causes the meeting personnel to be unable to move, and the meeting is not convenient enough;

3. The integration between local meeting screen-projection sharing and remote meeting sharing is insufficient.

To address these issues, Betgemini has launched a wireless conferencing solution, which uses the BJ66 Wireless Conferencing Terminal +WCB06 wireless conferencing companion.
This is for enterprise conference rooms, the use of BJ66 wireless conference terminal +WCB06 wireless conference partner, both can meet the local meeting screen sharing, can also provide remote video conferencing access, can match Tencent conference, nail, Zoom, Teams and other software video conferencing platform. The product adopts integrated structure design, built-in 2 high-speed WiFi processing modules, hidden high-gain antenna, support 4K high-definition display, 1 HDMI input, 1 HDMI output, independent audio input/output, Gigabit Ethernet interface, USB/Type-C expansion interface.

BJ66 wireless conference terminal can be connected to USB device microphone, USB camera, through the HDMI cable to connect the display: WCB06 wireless conference companion connected to the computer, there are two buttons, small button can open the microphone, camera; Big button one click screen.

You only need to connect the monitor, USB camera and USB microphone to the BJ66 wireless conference terminal when using for the first time, and pair the WCB06 wireless conference partner with the BJ66, and you can use the WCB06 as long as you plug it into the computer for subsequent meetings, without setting up the conference scene again.

Advantages of BYOM Wireless Conferencing

1. Support BYOM function, wireless access to the USB interface camera, microphone, audio equipment, can further realize the wireless conference, get rid of the line system, more convenient, improve the overall appearance of the conference room.

2. Can be adapted to Tencent conference, Dingding, Zoom, Teams and other software video conference platform, directly on the conference terminal to convene or join the video conference, users need to share desktop content only need to screen the computer or mobile phone screen to the conference terminal, there is no need to open the conference software to join the meeting.

3. Support BYOD function, mobile phone PC wireless screen projection, compatible with AirPlay, Miracast, WiDi, Googlecast, HUAWEI Cast+, BJCast screen projection protocol; Customers can choose to directly project the screen without downloading software, which is simpler to use, and can support up to 6 displays on the same screen.

4. The conference companion uses an independent codec chip to support 4K high-definition screen, which not only meets the needs of enterprise office, but also provides better visual effects.

5. Video conferencing and local projection can be displayed on the same screen without interfering with each other. In the process of enterprise office, video conferencing and local projection can be displayed on the same screen to save time and improve work efficiency.