Wireless screen projection – the best method for wireless screen projection on mobile phones and computers

The phone screen is too small, I want to experience the large screen of the cinema. The computer screen is too small to take care of every guest attending the meeting, so small screens and large screens have become a necessity. There are various screen projection methods, wired and wireless. It’s a headache to choose one that requires hardware implementation and software download for investment.

In terms of connection methods, screen projection can be divided into two types: wired and wireless. The interface pairing of wired screen projection limited devices is complex, and the wiring harness length is problematic, making operation and use inconvenient. Wireless screen projection has become the preferred choice for most people, eliminating interface pairing, the feeling of being bound by wires, and the hassle of complex operation.

Bijie launches the Bijie projection TV version, which uploads mobile phone data to the large screen for real-time projection, which is very simple and highly sought after by the public; And Bijie’s screen projection has almost no weaknesses, as long as the device can be connected to the network. The dual wireless and 4G network environment ensures a higher success rate and more stable screen projection effect.


Bijie Investment Screen can output 1080P high-definition video images in the internet or mobile internet environment. The system will automatically adjust according to the network situation to ensure that the high-definition video images are not stuck or delayed at the same time.

The key operations of such a good software are also extremely simple, and the specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: Download the corresponding transmitter software on your phone/computer, and download the Bijie Tou Screen TV (trial version) on your TV. The TV can be downloaded in the Dangbei market or on the Bijie official website;

Step 2: Open the Bijie projection screen on the smart TV to ensure that the network and mobile/computer networks are connected;

Step 3: Open the Bijie projection software on your phone or computer, scan the QR code on the TV, or enter the IP address;

Step 4: After successful connection, the screen projection is successful.


Bijie’s screen projection can be used between various devices, including mobile phones and computers for TV projection. One click screen projection is very convenient. All mainstream operating system adaptations have been completed, and are supported on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

With the upgrading of basic communication technology, transmission speed and stability have significantly improved, and transmission costs have decreased. Terminal devices such as mobile phones, computers, and iPads are increasingly connected to large screens. The rich usage scenarios pose a great challenge to screen projection methods that need to connect to the same network. Bijie’s screen projection technology is leading the market with professional level screen projection technology.