Wireless screen projection to Windows 10 system computer operation steps

Recently, a friend gave me such a worry: bought a new desktop computer, and there is a laptop in my hand, sometimes some things inside the laptop want to use the large screen of the desktop computer to see, but there is no video cable inside the hand, how to do? In fact, the use of Win10 wireless projection screen, you can completely solve the problem!

For the wireless screen projection function of Win10, many friends actually experience not deep enough. We know that Windows 10 can project content from the computer to other devices, such as the screen to the TV, which is achieved by Miracast. But few people know that the Win10 computer itself can also be the side of the screen! For example, in the above case, you can project the laptop screen to the desktop screen, no cable is required! So what do we do? Let’s take a look.

  1. First of all, we need to open the system Settings of Win10, in the “application”, find “application and features”, and then click on the “optional features”.
  2. Then, click “Add function”, find the function of “wireless display” and add it, install “wireless display”
  3. Ensure that the devices are connected to the same LAN, such as the same WiFi hotspot, so that the screen can be cast. Here, take Android and Win10 computers as an example, try to project the screen of Android to Win10 computers.
  4. Open the system Settings of the Win10 computer, enter the “Projection to this computer” in the “System”, click “Start the” connection “application to project to this computer”, and the Win10 computer is ready to receive the screen at this time.
  5. Enter the Settings menu of Android, you can find the “projection screen” in the “Bluetooth and device Connection”, and then the phone will automatically find the relevant screen projection device, select the corresponding Win10 computer.

In this way, Win10 has successfully become the object of the screen! The image of the mobile phone has a larger display area in the large screen of Win10, and the senses are still very different.

The picture quality of the device screen to Win10 is quite good, there is no frame drop, etc., and the delay is relatively stable, whether it is watching video or playing games, it is more refreshing.