Wireless screen transmitter, how does Bijie wireless screen transmitter use

how does Bijie wireless screen transmitter use? Simply put, the wireless screen transmitter is a cross platform device from small screen to large screen. The mobile phone and computer can wirelessly display the mobile phone screen and computer screen on the all-in-one machine and projector through the wireless screen transmitter.


wireless screen transmitters are generally used to wirelessly transmit the content on the computer to the conference tablet during a meeting.


Bijie wireless screen transmitters are different on the sending end. In addition to the original protocol screen transmission, there are two kinds of wireless screen transmitters, which are divided into USB sending end and app software sending end.

how to use

1. The wireless screen transmitter is composed of USB transmitter and receiver box.

2. Connect the receiver box of the wireless screen transmitter with the large screen through HDMI cable, and pair the USB small electronic transmitter with the receiver box.


pairing: pairing between the sending end and the receiving end of the wireless screen transmitter: pairing (when the product leaves the factory, it is generally paired) plug the USB small electronic into the USB interface of the projection box, and wait until its green light or red light is always on (it usually takes about 10 seconds).

3. Drive the USB sender on the computer for the first time: when a computer uses the hardware transmitter for the first time, it needs to double-click the application icon. For windows computers, double-click client Exe file; For Mac and OS computers, you need to double-click the file.


4. Press the key to cast the screen: after the driver recognition is completed, press the USB sender, and then our computer screen will appear on the large screen.