How Can I Wirelessly Mirror Phone to TV Without an MHL Cable or Adapter?

Think of all the times that you want to watch a video on the big screen that you have on your mobile phone or tablet. Well, now you can, quickly and easily mirror phone to TV using BiJie Meeting Box.



Effortless Video Streaming to HDTV

Samsung discontinued support for the MHL cable, but now you have a better way to connect your mobile device with your HDTV and stream any video and audio content effortlessly. Mirroring your screen to TV used to be cumbersome, but not anymore.

Using the BiJie Meeting Box, you don’t need any adapters or an MHL cable; you can stream wirelessly within just a few minutes.



How to Set it Up

  1. First unpack the USB cable, power adapter and wireless display adapter from the box.
  2. Now you can plug the Box into any HDMI port in your HDTV. Use the HDMI extender cable if needed.
  3. Next, connect the large, male end of the USB cable into the power adapter and plug that into a wall socket.
  4. Turn on your TV and switch inputs until you see “Ready to Connect.”


You can now connect a Windows or Android device. On your mobile device navigate to the section where you can add displays/devices, and then search for BiJie Meeting Box and connect. You may be prompted to enter a PIN. Use the PIN number you see displayed on your TV. Once connected you can switch between display modes of Duplicate, Extend and Second Screen Only.

That’s it! You’re connected and ready to start wireless streaming video to your HDTV.


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